The company is part of Araak Group of Companies
It is the first insurance company established in Sudan with insurance license number (1) in 1961.

The General Insurance Company is one of the founders of the African Union for Insurance, the Arab Insurance Federation, the Afro-Asian Association for Insurance and Reinsurance.
The company also has good relations with all those interested in the insurance market, including re-insurers, brokers and others, and has also entered into agreements with a number of major insurance companies for the implementation of many reinsurance operations, which are renewed annually.


General insurance company Is expected to play important role in the insurance construction activities in the sudan, we have unique features not found in any other insurance company in the sudan ,therefore we are very optimistic that the coming years will bring about growth in our result ,currently motor vehicle insurance dominates other classes , also the portfolio include others class engineering and marine. accident with trying to create a balanced with all classes.

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Property insurance and casualty insurance are types of coverage that help protect the stuff you own — your home or car, for example — and also provide liability coverage to help protect you if you’re found legally responsible for an accident that causes injuries to another person or damage to another person’s belongings.

-Inland Transit.

-Open Cover.

-Hull insurance.

-Contracttor All Risk.

-Erection Risk.

-Personal Accident.

-Cash in Transit.

-Cash In Safe.

-Burglary & Theft.

-Working Compensation.

-Comprehensives Motor.

-Third part Motor.

-Electronic Equipment.

The theft is covered by a separate document to insure the theft or to be added to the fire document and it covers damage or damage because of theft accompanied by violence or coercion during the intrusion or exit from the shop.

They are employees who deal with the cash money of the employer and his other property, whether they are fund trustees or sales staff or through their jobs such as accountants, computer operators and purchasing managers. In the case of taking the money or property of the employer and this is a fraud and dishonesty and it is covered by the document to insure betrayal of the Secretariat.

This document is provided to all types of contractors such as construction contractors, civil engineering contractors, electricity contractors and others who work locally or globally. Some contractors do activities related to the construction process only while others carry out all activities related to construction and construction including Design and consultancy.

The liability insurance policy aims to protect the insured from the civil liability to which he is subjected, and not only to compensate the insured for the amounts that he may be liable for, but the expenses of the plaintiff and the compensation owed to him and also the expenses and fees that may be borne by the insured himself.

After the fire of London after the fire of 1666, the fire was discovered. The purpose of securing the fire is to give the individual the security and the time to exercise his economic activity without fear and hesitation due to the fires and calamities that may be exposed to it.

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